Friday, 9 October 2009

The Forging of a Spellcarver Solider

In the year 994 the Warforged to be known as Anvil Hammer Hands was brought into being, to the sounds of the creation forged , the ringing of hammers and the whirl of infused magic. The sounds of the Last War drums beat there last with the signing of the Thronehold treaty.

Anvil was one of the last of a unit destined to become a spellcarved solider, however with the ink still wet upon the treaty the units training was left incomplete, Anvil had been trained with the basic combat skills and had advanced into artificer training as his forging had imprinted upon him a great intelligence. His master had choosen him to become the prime repair expert for his unit.

Time passed and Anvil was left in his masters workshop awaiting fresh orders, he keep himselfbusy folowing his daily rountine as it had been for many months before hand. Ever metal surface gleamed with fresh daily polish, no part of the workshop had a single spot of dust or grime.
At last the raw materials Anvil had been using to sculpt and to create armour with run out and without a master to tell him what to do he stood confused for almost three full days.
On the eve of the three day, Anvil broke with his rountine and opened the door that lead to the world beyond the workshop.

He found that all this time he had been in the a great city within the depths of the Cogs and an area known as the Blackbones. .....

Friday, 2 October 2009

The Start Of A Great Campaign - Eberron

For the first time in five years I'm playing in a game. My dear friend Dave Thomas is running a Eberron game and as you may have guessed I'm playing a Warforged Artificer !! I will be using this as a diary of sorts for the events in the game and a view of them solely from my persceptive.

Thanks for reading , hope you enjoy this !


aka Anvil Hammer Hands